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We believe Shantou would be a much better place if every toy factory would be honest with their promises, dumping the multi-recycled raw material, avoid the burrs from scratching the kids, replacing the paper-thin carton with thicker ones to minimize shipping damage, and all toys were fun, safe, and all buyers as well as distributors could achieve their best interest sourcing in Shantou. Since it’s probably no use holding our breath for other factories, we’re concentrating on our own factory in doing the right thing, serving our clients professionally with honesty.

Megafun Toys Industrial Limited makes a distinguishing line of classic and innovative children’s toys constructed from solid plastic and care. We make sure our clients can rest assured in doing business with us.


Megafun Toys Industrial Limited

Tel: (0086) 754-85826265

Fax: (0086) 754-85889265

Email: celeste@megafuntoys.com

Email: megafuntoys@gmail.com

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