About Our Advantage



Pang- Co Founder, Products

Prior to Megafun Toys Industrial Limited Pang was handling an independent toy factory with 200 workers in Shantou for almost a decade. Before that Pang spent his college life in sports school which builds him a strong figure and determined personality. Pang specialized in leveraging all local resources and helps to build up a smooth running supply chain.

Bonus factoids: Besides running a toy factory, Pang also runs his on line video game kingdom. He’s like a King surrounded by warriors and lead them to achieve higher level.

Wilson- Co Founder, Operation

Having seen a potential insurance broker in Shantou cut short due to a tragic lack of conceal ability, Pine decides to put all his effort in our honest toy company. He is armed with keen researching spirit and perfect for quality control and factory operation.

Bonus factoids: Like his name, Pine is as strong as a pine with a sense of humor. Where there is a pine, there is laughter.

Yuki- Co Founder, Marketing

Way back in the college, Yuki was known as a future innovative designer. He’s full of edgy fashion ideas but a nice friendly boy at the same time. Yuki’s career began in the international bank Standard and Charter in the Department of Small and Medium Enterprise and armed with professional knowledge of entrepreneurship; after that he decided to promote with his fashion icon in toys.

Bonus factoids: Yuki can never fail in the competition of “who takes the slowest product pictures”. He is a terrible cook but an awesome table setter. There is no better but perfect.

Celeste- Co Founder, Sales

It’s not easy to write a fair introduction of him/her f by oneself. Celeste spent all of her times since college in Guangzhou and Shenzhen absorbing democratic modern business and culture knowledge. Before leaving for Shantou in the toys business, she worked for P&G as a key account manager in charge of a chain supermarket with approximately 70 sales at the frontline. She’s a typical actionist and highly values honesty with a strong sense of dignity.

Bonus factoids: She’s neither a video game King nor a fashion icon; however, she’s ready at any time to become anyone if needed. She’s a hot temper Lion operates with discipline and value.